Tuesday 28 April 2015

Review by Neeru Katiyar.

I would like to share my experience with Dr. Richa Katiyar. I got her number from social networking sites and that was the day when I concern all worries related to my pregnancy. Now i have pregnancy of 4 month due to her. 

The best part of her is that whenever I need a doctor related to any problem at any time, she replied me with best suggestion, I think no one is as like her. 

She is the person whom anyone can trust for a long term relationship. I always suggest my friends and relatives who is planning to conceive must concern to Dr. Richa Katiyar.

 I consider myself lucky to have come in touch with her. Thank you for all your help.

Monday 27 April 2015

Review by Shirina Pothen.....

Dr.Richa Katiyar is truly the best IVF specialist in India. When I was contemplating doing an IVF procedure I was very anxious till I came across Dr.Katiyar's website, from the moment I got in touch with Dr.Katiyar till I completed the IVF procedure I felt a sense of security and reassurance that I am in good hands and have nothing to worry about. 

Dr.Katiyar is a wonderful doctor and a gem of a person who gives each patient personal attention and is very professional and knows exactly what needs to be done. 

Thanks to Dr.Katiyar I am expecting my first baby :) 

She is a real miracle worker and I would recommend her to anyone considering IVF. 

Thank you so much Dr.Katiyar.

Dr. Richa Katiyar's Babies

Let him sleep, for when he wakes,
 he will move mountains.

Wednesday 22 April 2015

Review by Swati Srivastava

Dr. Richa is an IVF specialist in Delhi based at Vasant Kunj. She is the perfect gem. I met her during the days i conceived with my first child and believe me every time she was there to give moral support whenever i used to feel low. 

She is a perfect combination of friendship along with a perfect dr. an escort who made me learn how to keep yourself happy and fit during your prenatal periods. The foremost thing which i liked a lot about her is that she is a perfect devotee for her each patients.

She is known for her Savior Personality among her all patients. Dr. Richa is extremely approachable which is a great and rare quality of her. Many of the diseases i suffered during my prenatal period but she was always there to boost my strength. 

She made me understand very well about any condition or queries whatever i used to ask her. Time is the foremost thing in today's scenario for everyone's life but she always used to give her maximum time to her each and every patient whatever the situation demands.

In one line, i can say she is the noble personality along with a great supporter. 

Dr. Richa, thanks for all the happiness you brought into mine and my family's life.