Tuesday 28 July 2015

Testimonial by a happy and blessed parents

Hi, I would like to share a great experience with you what I felt after taking treatment from Dr. Richa. Before saying any word, I would like to share my happiness. After 3.5 year of struggle, finally my wife got pregnant in the guide and supervision of Dr. Richa. When we were feeling at crucial state of our life. We start feeling helpless. No body was there to listen us. No body was there to advise when we felt most. Lastly we decided to take advise and suggestion from those who can give us closely and personally. We found Dr. Richa at internet. We took appointment and met her. Really, We got a clear ray of hope and confidence. That time a saying comes to my mind " You should never loose A Good Doctor and A good coach if you find." We followed her complete guide and suggestion. And after few meetings only we felt blessed. My wife got pregnant. We are very happy now. We are waiting for our baby in our lap. Thank You. 

Mukul Manohar

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