Saturday 26 September 2015

Dr. Richa.... being humans she is next to GOD for us but being parent she is definitely GOD

About Dr. Richa.... being humans she is next to GOD for us but being parent she is definitely GOD. We have been married for last 7 years but never had joy of parenthood. We have visited so many Doctors, but outcome was nil, we were getting old day by day and hopes were reducing accordingly. We have searched Dr. Richa through internet and also gone through the reviews shared by her lots of patients , never got anything negative to read about her , which itself gave us a lot of confident about Dr. Richa. But once visited, confidence in her got stronger. There are lot of good things about Dr. Richa, some of them are pointed out below: • Always put the feet in the patient shoes mean to say she treats every patient with the same energy and same care. • Listens the patients carefully and understand their problem with patiently and also check the treatment taken from previous doctors and analyse medical history carefully, which most of the doctors do not do. • First do the root cause analysis of the problem and then start the medicines/treatment not like the doctors who first try 3-4 months giving medicines without any proper diagnosis of the problem • Her only and only objective is to give you what you wanted from her so she may write few tests some of these can be expensive so the people like us who have taken treatments from multiple doctors for years may think that “oh no… again same tests” but later you will realise that she works on the root of the problems and proceed with the treatment in a very systematic and efficient way. • At the same time , we won’t hesitate to say that she is not greedy at all , being a very well-known name in the Capital, we have never seen such a big heart doctor , she sometimes did not take fees... this is not about money but it gives you a feeling of care ness, love and emotions • Takes care of you... more than yourselves... It has happened with us multiple times, she understand patients pain and will always be reachable to you in case of you need her. Good news is that we have we have been blessed with a baby girl on 8th of September. We would highly recommend her for any couples who are suffering from any infertilities problems. The happiness she has given us, cannot be paid by any mean, our feelings and respect for her cannot be expressed in words, we can only wish her our sincere and heartiest thanks and we can pray to GOD for her happy, prosperous and long life. Like she has fulfilled our wish, GOD please fulfil all of her wishes.

Uma Shankar Sharma

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